Staffing large projects or have many outsourced workers? Minutemen's on-site staffing brings our HR expertise to your facility.

When a large number of temporary workers are required at a facility on a regular basis clients often benefit from Minutemen Staffing’s customized on-site recruitment and management program.

Minutemen offers a professional HR manager-on-premise program for clients that recruit and staff for large projects or have a significant percentage of their workforce outsourced. Benefits of an on-site program include more direct and specific recruiting efforts, training and compliance with client work rules, a greater emphasis on safety, and a lighter burden of administrative responsibilities.

How Minutemen's on-premise managers help an e-commerce fulfillment business ramp up for the holidays.

Minutemen provides temporary staff for an e-commerce fulfillment business. This west Chicago client maintains a large year-round workforce through Minutemen but also hires a large number of seasonal employees for the holidays. We provide full-time supervision and management services on all three shifts. Our on-premise managers recruit and screen new hires. All new hires are walked through a client-specific orientation program. We record and track time and attendance, and provide metrics to our client including retention rates, injury data, and production performance.  No matter how busy the holiday season gets, Minutemen keeps our client fully staffed and running smoothly.

An onsite staffing supervisor talks with a temp employee at a light industrial facility.
Icon of a staffing meeting

Nothing beats talking face-to-face

Our managers’ presence at your facility allows them to provide daily supervision and feedback to our associates. And it makes for better communication with our clients. Need to talk about staffing requirements or employee metrics?  We’re always available to drop by your office or meet on the shop floor.  

Let's take training and orientation off your plate

Our on-site managers take the time to learn your requirements and create a comprehensive training program for our associates.  We also design and facilitate a custom safety orientation tailored for your workplace.  This helps our associates be safe and productive from day one.

Icon representing staffing metrics and reporting

Track workforce KPIs with our reporting solutions

Minutemen’s powerful reporting solutions track attendance, retention, overtime, and other key metrics.  We can also set up custom metrics to track productivity, quality, and adherence to processes. This information helps our on-site managers and clients measure and improve upon workforce success.


Learn more about our on-site recruitment and HR management services. Our staffing experts are ready to create a custom on-site solution for your facility.

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