Landscaping & Groundskeeping Staffing

From cutting grass to blowing leaves, Minutemen's staffing team knows landscaping.

Grounds Maintenance Workers

Need temporary groundskeeping workers to blow leaves this fall? Or landscaping workers to help your company build patios this summer? Minutemen Staffing knows the needs of the landscaping and groundskeeping industry vary by season. One thing that remains constant is our ability to provide dependable labor to keep your business running smoothly.

For example a client in Cleveland might be laying pavers one day and installing a sod lawn the next. Minutemen provides temporary groundskeeping workers our client can depend on no matter what the job requires. Our associates plant shrubs in the spring, mow grass in the summer, blow leaves in the fall, and shovel snow in the winter. Our job is to make sure our clients look as good as their landscaping.

A client in Cincinnati specializes in installing decorative ponds. Minutemen provides temp landscaping workers who can excavate and install our client’s award-winning pond designs. Our temporary employees also plant lawns and install and paint fences as each job requires.

Ready for a staffing partner to meet your landscaping or groundskeeping workforce requirements no matter the season?

Temporary landscaping workers building a patio

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