Need employees for a lengthy project? Or a talent pool that grows with your needs? Trust Minutemen's long-term staffing solutions. 

Your company needs additional talent to complete a special project, open a new facility, or keep up with growing customer demands.  You’re looking to hire dedicated workers for a longer period of time but without the commitment of a direct hire. Trust Minutemen’s long-term staffing solutions to provide you with dedicated workers who’ll do the job right.

Solving long-term staffing challenges since 1968.

In our five and a half decades of working with companies like yours we’ve tackled just about every long-term staffing challenge imaginable.  For example, in Chicago we staff distribution centers with a year-round workforce that scales up dramatically for the e-commerce holiday surge. And we helped a Detroit hose company staff assembly workers to complete a six-month special project with a myriad of skill and shift requirements.  Whatever your long-term staffing needs entail, Minutemen stands ready to make them happen.

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We take your staffing requirements seriously

Minutemen knows you don’t just need workers – you need workers with the right skills and experience for the job.  Our staffing experts know how to match your specific requirements with screened, reliable employees for a seamless expansion of your workforce.

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Save administrative time with our on-site managers

Minutemen’s long-term clients often benefit from our optional on-site staffing services.  We can provide full-time managers for each shift who handle recruiting, screening, orientation, and reporting.  This frees up clients so they can focus on their core business.

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Find great talent with our temp-to-hire solutions

Need to find out whether a worker is the right fit before offering them a permanent role?  Our clients often hire permanent employees directly from our talent pool once they’ve proven their worth. Ask our staffing experts about our flexible temp-to-hire solutions. 


We've helped countless companies like yours meet their long-term staffing challenges. Our staffing experts are ready to create a custom solution tailored for your needs.

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