Greenhouse Staffing

Need flexible help to keep your greenhouse growing? Whether your staffing needs are seasonal or perennial, Minutemen has the temporary or permanent workers you need.

Greenhouse Workers
Material Handlers

Need temporary greenhouse workers to help water and transplant during the busy spring season? Or extra help during the slow months to clean and prep for next year? Minutemen knows the needs of greenhouses and growers are highly seasonal, and our flexible staffing services can help you no matter the time of year.

For example, Minutemen Staffing provides one of the largest greenhouses in North America with temporary workers to move plants around the facility. The workers must be able to handle the demanding physical requirements in all seasons. In addition, the workers need to be on-site at 6 a.m. and work until orders are complete.

A temp greenhouse worker tends to hydroponic plants

Find temporary or permanent greenhouse workers today

If your greenhouse needs associates who can handle the work and the weather, Minutemen has the flexible staffing solutions you need. Let us provide you with a fast, free quote today.

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