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Need temporary or permanent food production workers? Let Minutemen's flexible staffing solutions be your recipe for success.

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Need additional workers to keep your food production or distribution facility operating smoothly? Minutemen Staffing knows the unique staffing challenges of your industry.

For example, Minutemen Staffing provides a Chicago food manufacturer with workers for their sausage production line. Our associates grind, mix, stuff, hang, and chill the sausages, working in a wet and cold production environment. They must be on their feet for long periods of time and reliably wear rubber boots and other PPE. Demand for sausage surges during the holidays, so Minutemen provides additional seasonal workers so that our client can meet their production quotas.

Minutemen also provides a large Midwest food distributor with temporary forklift operators, warehouse workers, and shipping clerks. These workers must have the knowledge and skills required for safe handling of food products including avoidance of cross-contamination. Because food distribution requires fast fulfillment times, Minutemen’s associates often work overtime on both weekdays and weekends.

A temp bakery worker moves a cart of bread

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